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Question About NYS Tariffs re: Telco Paying For Building Power

Danny Burstein (
Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:06:41 -0400

Hoping someone here can point me to the right citation. As I
understand it, the telephone utilities (and most others) in NYS have
the right of eminent domain, meaning that they can, if they deem it
necessary, simply grab space in your building to put their local
distribution equipment.

On the other hand, they're supposed to (again, per my recollection)
both pay some sort of negotiated "rent", and ... also pay for the
electricity they use.

I'm pretty sure I've read stories about these battles, but can't find
them now.

The case I'm specifically looking into has the telco using a large
utility area and pulling about 5 kws -- which is quite enough to
notice. And at this point they're getting that electricity for "free".

Anyone have some recommendations I can check into?

Thanks muchly,

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