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In article <>, says:

> Firms impose limits even as demand rises
> By Carolyn Y. Johnson, Globe Staff | March 12, 2007

> Amanda Lee of Cambridge received a call from Comcast Corp. in December
> ordering her to curtail her Web use or lose her high-speed Internet
> connection for a year.

> Lee, who said she had been using the same broadband connection for
> years without a problem, was taken aback. But when she asked what the
> download limit was, she was told there was no limit, that she was just
> downloading too much.

> Then in mid-February, her Internet service was cut off without further
> warning.

> For Lee and an increasing number of people, a high-speed Internet
> connection is a lifeline to everyday entertainment and communication.
> Television networks are posting shows online; retailers are lining up
> to offer music and movie downloads; thousands of Internet radio
> stations stream music; more people are using WiFi phones; and "over
> the top TV," in which channels stream over the Internet, is predicted
> to grow.

> That means that more customers may become familiar with Comcast's
> little-known acceptable-use policy, which allows the company to cut
> off service to customers who use the Internet too much. Comcast says
> that only .01 percent of its 11.5 million residential high-speed
> Internet customers fall into this category.


Comcast sucks, and not in a good way. Every person I know that has
Comcast can't wait until Verizon gets FIOS into their area.

When someone is willing to jump into the waiting arms of a company
that's screwed them over for years, you know that Comcast really stinks.

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