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Re: Innocent Teacher Convicted in Computer Porn Case

mc (
Tue, 6 Mar 2007 22:39:26 -0500

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think almost any police officer will
> tell you it is imperative in the case of (pre-detirmined by police)
> 'criminals' that their name be 'dragged through the mud'. After all,
> if you cannot be assured that someone has lost his credibility, there
> is always a chance that a judge/jury may agree with _him_ instead of
> with _you_. Or am I just watching and reacting to too much CSI/SVU
> on television? PAT]

Pat, where do you get all this expert knowledge of police officers?
I've known a number of them fairly well (one was my father, eventually
killed in the line of duty) and I can assure you they go to
considerable length to try to avoid accusing the innocent.

A number of frightening scenarios have been described here, but
getting back to the "innocent teacher" that the thread was initially
about -- What was the trial like? Has anybody seen any transcripts or
accounts of the trial? Or any account of the event from a neutral
third party?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I got all my expert knowledge on police
from watching CSI/SVU each day on Channel 37 on our cable, and by
reading Dick Tracy in our Sunday comics in the Independence Reporter.
And since I am only in my mid-sixties age wise, and have been gay for
about fifty of those years, I am probably still too immature to know
very much about police and their relationship with gay citizens over
the years. I have started to notice, however, that there is a big
<<ve r y w i d e>> difference between police in a place like Cook County,
Illinois -- Chicago -- from whence I fled feeling very much
imposed/put upon/nauseated actually in the late 1990's and here in
Independence, Kansas which I regard as my 'real home' since I was born
in this area and spent a few years here as a young child before
reaching retirement age and moving back here. Gee whiz, around here
they (police) are actual human beings with fairness, honesty and
compassion in their minds, and we even have (gasp!) a couple cops with
'alternative' lifestyles around here. PAT]

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