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Which Toll-Free Number Provider Should I Use?

Nehmo (
16 Feb 2007 00:05:03 -0800

I want to get a toll-free number that terminates at my cell phone
number. A package with a 100 minutes/month would be acceptable. Who
should I use?

I was going to use , but I noticed a
complaint form a customer who said there was a cancellation penalty of
$25 hidden in the Terms of Service. It's true. Tollfreemax tires to
hide the provision. Since that's unscrupulous, I decided not to use

Then there's Accessline (which has several resellers). In their terms
and conditions I can't
figure out what the minimum commitment or term is. So I feel queasy
about them.

I settled with Ringcentral. But I couldn't signup for the service. I
have two credit cards, both of which appeared to be rejected by . But actually it was because the banks
rejected the transaction according to customer service at Ringcentral.
CS said, assuming I had money in the accounts, the banks could have
tagged Ringcentral as "High Risk" and so didn't approve the
transaction. CS told me I should call my banks and have them take
Ringcentral off their blocked list.

Are all the Toll-free number providers crooks or something? Is there
one that someone can recommend?

(||) Nehmo (||)

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