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Danny Burstein (
Sun, 11 Feb 2007 06:51:22 UTC

[ misc snippage, small amount left for context ]

>> The Bell System History book that Lisa referred to is: A History of
>> Science & Engineering in the Bell System: Communications Sciences,
>> 1925-1980. The ISBN is 0-932764-06-1. It is available
>> from numerous others) starting at
>> $32.28. I have a copy. Google the ISBN for other sources.

> Note there are a number of volumes in this series. You may be
> referring to a later volume.

> The ISBN on my copy "... Eng & Sci Switching Technology 1925-1975" is
> 0-932764-02-9, Lib Cong is 82-072517 and copyright is 1982.

There are, as mentioned, numerous volumes in the series.

Back in the late 1970s I met the father of a coworker of mine who was
helping to compile them. He stated that it was much easier to do
Volume One -- which covered the first years. The problem he ran into
when writing about the (then) more current time periods was, as he
explained, there were more people still alive, and their memories of
the events were contradictory.

Oh, and he just couldn't figure out how to politely archive those
differing viewpoints when both (or more..) people were now vice
presidents ...

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