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Re: A Call to Let Your Phone Loose

Sam Spade (
Mon, 12 Feb 2007 08:23:30 -0800

I think folks are mixing apples and oranges.

Wireless carriers provide a radio interface to the public switched
network (PSN).

With wireline service, the consumer has direct access to the public
switched network.

Then, there is VOIP, which is a far better interface to the PSN than

Wireless has the convenience afforded by it mobile radio feature.
Nonetheless, if people try to equate wireless to being directly
connected to the PSN, they are mistaken.

The RF spectrum, comparatively speaking, is a limited resource unlike
the PSN. I can't imagine opening the RF side of the wireless
carrier's network like Carterfone (correctly) opened the ability to
use customer provided premise equipment access to the PSN.

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