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CommunicationsDirect News Daily Update - January 31, 2007

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Wed, 31 Jan 2007 11:32:40 EST

PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The CommunicationsDirect Daily Update
For January 31, 2007

FastWeb Sues Telecom Italia for US$675.2 mil.

The Italian alternative broadband provider, FastWeb, is suing
Telecom Italia for 522 million euro (US$675.3 million) for
restricting competition, according to reports from the daily Il
Sole 24 Ore. The new legal proceedings, which will start in the
coming weeks, follow a ruling yesterday by an arbitration panel,
ordering Telecom ...

Belgacom to Bid for Luxembourg Operator Voxmobile

The Belgian incumbent operator, Belgacom, has been reported by
the local newspaper,De Tijd, as being on the cusp of making an
offer for Luxembourg operator Voxmobile, which operates a GSM,
EDGE and UMTS network, as well as offering fixed, WLAN and ADSL
services in the Duchy. It is reported that Voxmobile has a 20%
share of the local ...

Imminent Chokepoint

As 3G and enterprise apps drive more traffic on networks,
backhaul could get all choked up.  Classically known as the
single most costly network operating expense, backhaul could
become more expensive still. 3G services are rapidly driving
bandwidth growth across all segments of the network. Growth
causes more strain on the backhaul ...

Securing Software-Defined Radios

Next-generation mobile phones and various other types of wireless
communication devices will almost certainly be based on
software-defined radios (SDRs) -- if the technology can be made
safe enough for routine use. SDRs use software instead of
dedicated hardware to define and modify transmission and
reception signal processing. SDR ...

Icahn Eyeballs Motorola

What do these diverse companies -- TWA, ImClone, Time Warner and
Motorola -- have in common? Answer: Carl Icahn, in some way,
shape or form. Yesterday, Motorola confirmed billionaire
investor and pot-stirrer Icahn and/or his representative now
wants a seat on Motorola's 13-member board, with the nomination
to be forwarded ...

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