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Re: The End of the Old Bell System Colors?
27 Jan 2007 15:56:48 -0800

Stan Schwartz wrote:

> Is this yet another end of an era?

Let's be clear that the "end of an era" occured way back in 1983 at
the time of divesture. The old Bell System and its way of doing
business went away at that time regardless of what logos, paint
schemes, or names remained in use.

Before divesture, if one wanted only a low-use "plain old telephone
service" it was available for just a few dollars a month. The minimum
cost for such service today is many times higher, increased far more
than the pace of inflation. This is partly from technology, partly
from regulatory intent, partly from deregulation.

As to logos and names, in former Bell Telephone Co of Pa territory
under Verizon, the colors and logos are fully Verizon. But on the
side of payphones (the few remaining) is the Bell logo. In fine print
on the ad inserts in the bill it says "Bell Telephone Company of
Pennsylvania" or "Bell Atlantic", which are predecessor names. (I
think that depends on the distribution of the ad insert.)

BTW, I just noticed another street corner payphone in my town is gone.
Two Verizon pay phones remain in front of the convenience store and
they do get used. There is one at the train station. A phone near
the pizza place is gone. I don't know if the bar still has one in its

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