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Re: The Idea of Paid Entries Angers Wikipedia Publisher

Mark Atwood (
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 20:49:07 GMT writes:

> The staff of Wikipedia exercise strong censorship of views they do not
> agree with. If you don't believe me, try posting anything negative
> regarding the anti-commerce "commies" who run craigslist.

The people who run craigslist *own* it! They can give away, rent, or
sell, or shutdown parts of their service as they desire. That's whats
meant by "ownership".

Is everyone who gives away a free service "anti-commerce" or a
"commie"? If so, then the editor here of Telecom-Digest must be one
as well.

Mark Atwood When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am neither anti-commerce nor a
Communist, as is Lucille Ball. (She admitted to being a c-person in a
1950's interview with the Christian Science Monitor which was
reprinted in the New York Times and other papers of that era. More
recently, TV-Land has rehashed all those old rumors, in its Wednesday
night series 'Television Confidential', 9 pm Eastern, 8 Central time.)
I create a lot of things on the net, not the least of which is this
rag you are reading now, all of which is free for the asking, and in
return I ask readers to make donations, etc. Most of Usenet's partic-
pants would have 'those tendencies', IMO in the 1970-80's era, and
some even today.

True, I did _NOT_ create TELECOM Digest, but I have created other
services on the net, including my most recent endeavor,, which is chock-full of headlines and reports on
the LGBT lifestyle, updated daily, just as is this Digest. Because of
my physical (or would you claim 'mental'?) problems, and the fact that
my recently-arrived power wheel chair's batteries are already running
low and I do not have the time nor energy to sit here in my computer
room 24/7 typing, I have *totally automated*. I
set it up once; now and then manually update the scripts, then my cats
and dog and I go sit in the other room and listen to the radio. is _partially automated_ but I
occassionally sit here and (as Mark Crispin and John Levine would
phrase it) put on my tin-foil hat and grouse about _something_ or
another. The main reason I do not charge for any of my services is
because probably no one would pay anything anyway. We are told that
'spammers make a lot of money on the net' but frankly I think that is
a lot of bravado. I think spammers make more money from lawsuits they
file and win rather than from the Viagra or other pills they pump or
penny stocks they push. I have PayPal boxes all over the place; the
limited amount they collect is shameful. I suppose if I started
offering sex-movies on the net and charging $39.95 per month to
download them I could make a little money (provided of course I
offered a free obscure trojan-virus with each purchase), but that is
just not my thing. PAT]

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