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Justa Lurker (
Tue, 23 Jan 2007 19:10:31 GMT

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There is a small convenience store five
>> blocks north of me on Main and Fourth Street. (A Dollar General
>> place). They sell animal food, soda pop, potato chips, etc and if my
>> motorized chair arrives sometime this week I will be able to get by
>> I am sure.

PAT, if you are able to get out, why not go to a regular grocery store
and get some healthier alternatives to junk food from the convenience
store? It will be better for you, and less expensive in the long run
too. Please take good care of yourself, especially during this nasty
weather outside!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Other than this past two weeks, where
none of the usual rules in my life apply, I do usually go over to
Marvins IGA store on Tenth Street and stock up on healthier food. Not
only that, but the prices are a lot cheaper also, with a bigger
variety of selections. In fact, two Fridays ago -- before the storm
started that same evening -- I was at Marvins and stocked up on
several items including lots of dog/cat food. Then on Saturday after-
noon (midway through the blast of ice/rain), Epiphany Episcopal Church
(local, here in Independence) showed up at the door with a two-week
supply of human food. I thought the snow storm last weekend was going
to further mess things up, but I was actually able to walk around
outside a little in it. It seems to have improved my traction
somewhat. I also took to heart a message here in the Digest a few
days ago about 'tire chain' type things to wear on one's feet from the
company in Idaho (?) which makes them, and I put in an order on the
phone for a pair of those. I expect they will arrive in a couple
days. So that is why I still have a small stock of 'good, nutritious
food' to eat instead of potato chips and candy bars and soda pop from
the Dollar General convenience store. I've a feeling by this time next
week it will all be gone and we will be able to tell our grandchildren
about the vicious winter of '07. I am also thinking that I should
invest in one of those necklace pendants one can wear which summons
via phone any help needed. The last thing I want to have happen is to
one day die and not get discovered for a couple days until either
meals on wheels (the 'cook') shows up with food or the housekeeper
comes around and they find my bloated body laying somewhere with the
dog and cats staring hungrily at my body. PAT]

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