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> In article <>,
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>> Patrick Townson wrote:

>>> I mentioned here about a week ago that Hell, here in Independence, KS
>>> had frozen over with the ice storms of last weekend. Now here we are,
>>> a full week later, ice still over everything in sight...

>> Good luck with everything. I'm glad you still have power and phone
>> service and food deliveries.

>> When I was a kid we had an ice storm like that, everything covered in a
>> thick coating of extremely slippery but hard ice. It was horrible. In
>> those days many autos used tire chains actually which were pretty
>> effective, but murder if you got on dry pavement, and a pain to put on
>> and off. Links would break and bang around.

> There's something similar for those of us who like to walk no matter
> what the weather. I bought a pair of Yaktrax Pro shoe covers two years
> ago and haven't gotten a chance to use them yet.

> They snap over the bottom of your shoe and present a rubber matrix
> surrounded by steel coil to the ice, essentially increasing the
> pressure on each point. The USPS uses these in locations that get a
> lot of snow and ice and the study says it's eliminated slips and
> falls.

> Just a suggestion as I know broken bones don't heal as fast when one
> gets older.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I wonder where I could buy one of those
> devices for my shoes? Maybe next time I happen to go past Walmart I
> might (as I sniff and point my nose in the air) walk in the place and
> look to see if they have them. PAT]

I bought mine online but I'd bet Walmart would have them.

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