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Off Topic: Teens Same Worldwide: [Movie, Texting, Cell Phones]
8 Jan 2007 09:39:34 -0800

OFF TOPIC (mostly)

I watched the Italian movie "Caterina in the City", about an Italian
young teen who moves from a small town to Rome and has to adjust.
Cute movie, I recommend it.

What was amazing was that the attitude of the kids in school was
exactly the same as kids in a comparable U.S. school. I guess I
expected that European kids would be better behaved and respectful
toward their teachers and each other. They weren't. (The kids also
shoplifted in dept stores, something I figured was a U.S. only game.)
There were also pronounced economic and political class differences
between the kids. The "spoiled princess" girls were just as
irritating as their American counterparts.

Just like here, the kids all had their cell phones. A girl and a boy
met and were texting each other every day.

Historically, I understand that the landline telephone system of
Europe was never as developed as that of the U.S. Telephone service
was more expensive, less reliable, and less available (waiting lists)
compared to the U.S. Travelers always reported back to me the
troubles of foreign telephone service. Less developed countries (ie
Soviet bloc) had very poor service, many places sharing a corner pay
phone instead of a phone in each apt.

I don't know how land line service quality is in Europe today (did
they ever get it working well?), but I've read that contrary to the
U.S., wireless phone service took off faster and is more advanced and
widespread than the U.S.

Could anyone comment on the state of wireless and landline telephone
services in Western Europe?

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