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CommunicationsDirect News Daily Update - January 05, 2007

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Fri, 5 Jan 2007 11:35:00 EST

PricewaterhouseCoopers Presents
The CommunicationsDirect News Daily Update
For January 05, 2007

Altitude, Bouygues Telecom Mull Combined Fixed Mobile Services

French telecoms companies Bouygues Telecom and Altitude have
begun negotiations on the joint launch of a fixed-mobile
convergence (FMC) service for the business segment. The
commercial launch of the combined mobile and fixed-line services
is expected to be launched at the end of March this year.
Significance: The partnership with ...

A Big Pill to Swallow

On July 31, Adelphia Communications closed its asset sale to
Comcast and Time Warner Cable, ending 40 months of tedious
negotiations, culminating in a $12.5 billion deal that involved
systems serving 4.8 million customers in 31 states. It also
marked the beginning, or in some cases the continuance, of a
complicated transition of ...

Nokia Joins Sprint Nextel to Provide Fast Internet Access for Mobile
Phone Users

HELSINKI, Finland -- Nokia Corp. said today it has joined Sprint
Nextel in providing technology for the U.S. communications
company's wireless network to allow mobile phone users faster
access to the Internet. The wireless fourth-generation, or 4G,
WiMax technology will be available in late 2007. Nokia said it
is ...

Broadband Pricing All Over the Map

Powered by the availability of High Speed Packet Access radio
technology, carriers are finally rolling out 'true' wireless
broadband services, offering speeds of up to 3 Mbit/s. But
with that welcome development comes a dilemma: How should such
services be priced? The answers are all over the map, according
to the new ...

Cisco Pays Big Bucks For E-Mail Security Vendor

Cisco is buying security appliance vendor IronPort Systems for
$830 million in cash and stock. Its acquisition of this vendor of
systems focusing on enterprise spam and spyware protection is
seen as representing a significant broadening of Cisco's security
focus, until now aimed almost exclusively at network security
rather ...

Virgin Mobile USA Touts Customer Adds

Virgin Mobile USA ended 2006 with 4.6 million customers. The
company reached its current total after adding 600,000 new
customers since November 2005. Beyond subscriber adds, Virgin
Mobile calculates that its customers sent or received 1.5 billion
text messages last year. On average, that translates to each
customer sending or ...

In Search of Storage Skills

Storage is growing at an alarming rate, but getting hold of the
staff to manage it is easier said than done. Metadata,
virtualization, and security skills are already posing problems.
A number of execs are steeling themselves for a tough 2007. "We're
in an extremely competitive environment when looking for talented

2006 Top Ten: Big IPTV Moments

Most people will probably look back at 2006 as (another) 'warm-up
year' for IPTV. Here at Light Reading we like to think of IPTV as
a toddler -- just out of diapers, and about to break a heap load
of stuff as part of its 'learning process.' During the past 12
months, the sector's nascent movers and shakers ...

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