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The Telecom Digest for Wed, 18 May 2022
Volume 41 : Issue 88 : "text" format

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VA: Ting Internet to Start Serving Alexandria Residents
Conservative shareholder-activists turn up pressure on woke companies
Financial Times is upset at Vodafone

Message-ID: <f4a8ba1f-f759-d6ed-a891-7e9333526759@gmail.com> Date: 16 May 2022 11:04:44 -0400 From: Bill Horne <malQRMassimilation@gmail.com> Subject: VA: Ting Internet to Start Serving Alexandria Residents Ting Internet, by Tucows, will challenge Comcast and Verizon for customers. For years, most Alexandria residents have had one choice for high-speed Internet service: Comcast. For at least some of those residents, a new option is arriving soon. A company called Tucows is bringing its Ting Internet service to Alexandria in the coming months. The company will be able to provide service to "tens of thousands" of locations in the city, according to a report by Fierce Telecom. "The deployment will tee it up to challenge incumbent cable provider Comcast as well as Verizon Fios, which is in the process of upgrading its copper lines in the area to fiber," the website reported. https://alexandrialivingmagazine.com/news/ting-internet-alexandria-va-service/
Message-ID: <fd877748-2862-c44f-0721-e8520e08b640@gmail.com> Date: 16 May 2022 11:00:08 -0400 From: Bill Horne <malQRMassimilation@gmail.com> Subject: Conservative shareholder-activists turn up pressure on woke companies By Sean Salai Conservative shareholder-activists have turned up the pressure on what they say is liberal-leaning "woke" corporate culture with several proposals at annual boardroom meetings. The activists said they felt buoyed by responses to moves by Disney and Kohl's. Disney's earnings were worse than expected in the first quarter as Florida stripped the company of preferential tax benefits because of its transgender political lobbying. Kohl's shareholders rejected a liberal investor's push to replace up to 10 board directors at their annual meeting Wednesday. ... Meanwhile, shareholders at Verizon, ConocoPhillips and CVS Health voted down proposals aimed at exposing liberal political activism on issues such as racial hiring quotas and Chinese communist business ties after their boards of directors recommended against them. "The more newsworthy aspect for proponents like us is that we have the opportunity to speak to directors and top executives directly at these shareholder meetings," Paul Chesser, director of the Corporate Integrity Project at the National Legal and Policy Center, said in an email. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/may/15/conservative-shareholder-activists-turn-pressure-w/
Message-ID: <f2b6d825-3331-8a52-7a32-0a4b201cf46a@gmail.com> Date: 16 May 2022 10:54:01 -0400 From: Bill Horne <malQRMassimilation@gmail.com> Subject: Financial Times is upset at Vodafone Is there a company more persistently irritating than Vodafone? Remember the 14 year faff waiting for something to happen with Verizon Wireless, followed by the asset trade with Liberty Global that actively resisted both explanation and logic? From Japan to India … from quad-play to towers … from debt-funded dividends to a Beckettian wait for consolidation … how much time was wasted putting this stuff into sum-of-the-parts calculations? How much unproductive labour has been required to sustain its undulating mass of partnerships and joint ventures? Even the spelling is needlessly perverse. https://www.ft.com/content/d3e8d34e-e3b6-44fe-a31e-a50a18a75a32 -- (PLease remove QRM from my email address to write to me directly)

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