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The Telecom Digest for Mon, 07 Feb 2022
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Re: Bluetooth Keeps Stopping
FCC's January Meeting Agenda Includes Proposed Disclosures For All Broadband Providers

Message-ID: <aede9abe-b465-df69-3233-4d5638ec1cf8@gmail.com> Date: 6 Feb 2022 12:31:08 -0500 From: Bill Horne <malQRMassimilation@gmail.com> Subject: Re: Bluetooth Keeps Stopping On 2/4/2022 12:11 PM, Michael Trew wrote: > On 2/2/2022 9:31, Bill Horne wrote: >> As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was given a Google Pixel Fi phone >> by a kind neighbor. ... >> >> It makes and receives calls OK, but there's a problem: >> >> Every few seconds, it pops up a notice that says "Bluetooth Keeps >> Stopping," ... > > Not my area of expertise, but have you tried turning the blue-tooth > setting on and off? > > With Apple phones, one can do a "hard reset" by holding the home and > power buttons at the same time until it reboots.=C2=A0 I imagine that > Android phones have a similar function. I have tried every "solution" that I could find, including a complete reset. None of them work: the last post I came across stated (bluntly) that the problem could not be solved. Google, it seems, does not feel that it's profitably to support long-term customers whom aren't buying new devices every quarter-hour. My 2¢ - YMMV. Bill -- I don't want to say that I'm old and worn out, but I'm never anywhere near the curb on trash day
Message-ID: <20220203160226.0F12279A@telecom2018.csail.mit.edu> Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2022 16:02:26 +0000 (UTC) From: Bill Horne <malQRMassimilation@gmail.com> Subject: FCC's January Meeting Agenda Includes Proposed Disclosur= es For All Broadband Providers 27 January 2022 by Debra McGuire Mercer and Joshua Guyan Empowering Broadband Consumers Through Transparency - The ISP NPRM would propose rules to implement certain provisions in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act ("Infrastructure Act"). Specifically, Section 60504 of the Infrastructure Act directs the Commission to "promulgate regulations to require the display of broadband consumer labels" to "disclose to consumers information regarding broadband Internet access service plans." In accordance with that statutory mandate, the ISP NPRM would propose consumer labels consistent with a 2016 Public Notice (DA 16-357). In the 2016 Public Notice, the Commission set forth various required consumer disclosures related to fixed and mobile broadband services, including information about pricing, data allowances, broadband speeds, network management practices and fees. The Commission would also seek comment on the following issues: whether any changes should be made to the content of the consumer labels contained in the 2016 Public Notice; where the consumer labels should be displayed; how to ensure the accuracy of the content of the labels; and the effective date of the label requirements. https://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/broadcasting-film-tv-radio/1154616/fcc39s-january-meeting-agenda-includes-proposed-disclosures-for-all-broadband-providers?email_access=3Don ***** Commentary ***** I think the FCC should order all TV stations and Streaming Media providers (e.g., NetFlix) to include notices on every program or movie they show, warning viewers that:
  1. The Tall White Guy will make all the decisions.
  2. Anyone who hesitates to do what the Tall White Guy says will always die.
  3. Nobody will ever question the Tall White Guy, except for other Taller White Guys.
  4. The Tall White Guy never needs to take toilet breaks.
  5. The Tall White Guy will solve all the problems within sixty minutes, with time out for commercials of one sort or another.
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