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The Telecom Digest for Sat, 29 Jan 2022
Volume 41 : Issue 19 : "text" format

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Bargaining Update: AT&T Mobility and DirecTV (Orange)
CWA Midwest, Legacy T Members Vote to Extend Contract with AT&T

Message-ID: <076e8364-75a0-bceb-9ef5-b3a081aeda3d@gmail.com> Date: 27 Jan 2022 21:13:33 -0500 From: Bill Horne <malQRMassimilation@gmail.com> Subject: Bargaining Update: AT&T Mobility and DirecTV (Orange) AT&T Mobility and DirecTV (Orange) Contract negotiations for the AT&T Mobility and DirecTV Orange contracts have begun. The current agreement, which expires on February 11 after being extended for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, covers employees who primarily work in call center, retail store, and technician jobs across the U.S., mainly in the West, Midwest, and Northeast regions. The workers have raised concerns about issues such as the offshoring of call center jobs to low-wage countries, retail jobs going to Authorized Dealers, and contracting out of technicians’ jobs. The members have been actively mobilizing to strengthen their power at the bargaining table and improve their working conditions. Learn more and sign up for updates. For AT&T Mobility click here: <https://cwa-union.org/unitymobility>. For DirecTV click here: <https://cwa-union.org/directv>. https://cwa-union.org/news/bargaining-update-184
Message-ID: <2e8f6be2-b44d-5479-613e-7cee9da95a2d@gmail.com> Date: 27 Jan 2022 21:07:40 -0500 From: Bill Horne <malQRMassimilation@gmail.com> Subject: CWA Midwest, Legacy T Members Vote to Extend Contract with AT&T Friday, January 21, 2022 Communications Workers of America members covered by the AT&T Midwest and national Legacy T agreements have voted to extend their contracts for four years. The contracts, which were set to expire in early April, cover 6,250 wireline employees in the Midwest region (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin) and 3,000 wireline employees across the country and in Puerto Rico in the Legacy T division. The extended agreements include annual wage and pension increases, keep healthcare cost share percentages at their current levels, protect employment security, and continue recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a company holiday. The LegacyT agreement preserves commitments on the number of jobs that will remain in the unit. https://cwa-union.org/news/releases/cwa-midwest-legacy-t-members-vote-extend-contract-att

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