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The Telecom Digest for Wed, 20 Jan 2021
Volume 40 : Issue 20 : "text" format

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The NSA warns enterprises to beware of third-party DNS resolvers
CenturyLink Has a New Name and Old Problems
Help for Veterans seeking jobs in datacenter construction
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message-ID: <05AAF521-E1E0-43D3-AC01-17722B276B2B@roscom.com> Date: 16 Jan 2021 11:53:36 -0500 From: "Monty Solomon" <monty@roscom.com> Subject: The NSA warns enterprises to beware of third-party DNS resolvers The NSA warns enterprises to beware of third-party DNS resolvers Yes, plaintext DNS is insane, but encrypting it has its own tradeoffs. by Dan Goodin Jan 15, 2021 DNS over HTTPS is a new protocol that protects domain-lookup traffic from eavesdropping and manipulation by malicious parties. Rather than an end-user device communicating with a DNS server over a plaintext channel--as DNS has done for more than three decades--DoH, as DNS over HTTPS is known, encrypts requests and responses using the same encryption websites rely on to send and receive HTTPS traffic. Using DoH or a similar protocol known as DoT--short for DNS over TLS--is a no brainer in 2021, since DNS traffic can be every bit as sensitive as any other data sent over the Internet. On Thursday, however, the National Security Agency said in some cases Fortune 500 companies, large government agencies, and other enterprise users are better off not using it. The reason: the same encryption that thwarts malicious third parties can hamper engineers' efforts to secure their networks. ... https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/01/the-nsa-warns-enterprises-to-beware-of-third-party-dns-resolvers/ ***** Moderator's Note ***** This seems familiar somehow. Let me think ... Oh, yes, another story about how encryption is endangering the American Way Of Life and will cause liver spots and unsightly dandruff - and force your boss to pay Google for the traffic logs that he used to get at a discount from his ISP. DNS information isn't stolen while in transit - it's for sale, and that's why Google operates the largest DNS system in the world. Your employer doesn't need to break encryption to find out if you visited Planned Parenthood's clinic scheduling page: he'll just order monitoriing services from his ISP. Looking at houses in another city? Pricing cribs, diapers, etc., etc.? Better expect to be layed off: you're about to raise your boss' insurance rates at the same time your keypress count goes down. Oh, and by the way, try this simple test: clear all the cache info (cookies, old pages, etc.) from your browser, and then go visit any site that has anything to do with prenatal care. Then, clear the cookies and cache again, and visit a few mainline web sites like cnn.com. Ask yourself why you're seeing the ads you are seeing. Bill Horne Moderator ------------------------------ Message-ID: <20210119144225.3267473B@telecom2018.csail.mit.edu> Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 14:42:25 +0000 (UTC) From: Moderator <telecomdigestsubmissions@remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: CenturyLink Has a New Name and Old Problems By Teresa Rivas Sept. 15, 2020 A rose by any other name would have the same thorns. CenturyLink stock (ticker: CTL) is inching up early Tuesday on news the wireline firm is rebranding as Lumen. While it makes sense to break with the associations from legacy businesses of the past, the company won't be able to leave all its headwinds behind. https://www.barrons.com/articles/centurylink-has-a-new-name-and-old-problems-51600180684 ***** Moderator's Note ***** The usual caveats apply: Centurylink's web team is still doing its job and hiding every bit of newsworthy info that is available on the web, with rare exceptions going back months. Bill Horne Moderator ------------------------------ Message-ID: <20210119152244.EF00173B@telecom2018.csail.mit.edu> Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2021 15:22:44 +0000 (UTC) From: Moderator <telecomdigestsubmissions@remove-this.telecom-digest.org> Subject: Help for Veterans seeking jobs in datacenter construction Finding and developing talent in today's technology world is an ever-present challenge in the technology space. But over the last eight years, Salute Mission Critical has forged a new path to meeting the demand for qualified personnel: recruiting, training, and then putting veterans to work in the fields of data center construction and operations. With us today to talk about Salute's unique position within the internet infrastructure sector is Kristen Vosmaer, EVP of Global Operations. https://www.telecomramblings.com/2020/11/industry-spotlight-salute-mission-critical-puts-veterans-in-data-center-careers/ ------------------------------ ********************************************* End of telecom Digest Wed, 20 Jan 2021
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