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TELECOM Digest     Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:13:00 EDT    Volume 24 : Issue 491

Inside This Issue:                             Editor: Patrick A. Townson

    Ebay Fraudsters Caught, Jailed in Britain (Matthew Jones)
    MIT Professor Fired Because of Falsified Data (Michael Kunzelman)
    Justice Department Approves Telecom Mergers (USTelecom dailyLead)
    Telecom Update #503, October 28, 2005 (Angus TeleManagement Group)
    Re: British Strowger SxS? (Dave Hunter)
    Re: NJ Students Ordered to Take Down Blogs (Ron Chapman)
    Re: Alger Hiss [was: Re: Privacy Worries? Don't Print in color] (L Hancock)

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From: Matthew Jones <> 
Subject: Ebay Fraudsters Caught, Jailed in Britain
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 16:27:41 -0500

By Matthew Jones

Three Romanian fraudsters were jailed on Friday in London for a
worldwide fraud carried out via Internet auction house eBay which
netted at least 300,000 pounds.

Some 3,000 victims from as far away as the United States and South
Korea were snared by the trio in a scam involving crime bosses in
Romania and which police fear continues to this day.

Judge Duncan Matheson sentenced Nicolae Cretanu, 30, to 3-1/2 years
and his wife Adriana Cretanu 23, and their accomplice George Titar,
26, to 30 months each.

"This was on any showing a major and sophisticated fraud," Matheson
told the Romanians as they stood in the dock at Middlesex Guildhall
Crown Court.

Between 2003 and 2005 the three had played a major role in the fraud
which worked by operating bogus auctions for consumer goods ranging
from scooters to military memorabilia.

Unsuspecting eBayers who tried to buy the fictitious goods were
contacted and told their bid had been unsuccessful.

The disappointed bidders were then offered a second chance to buy
similar goods outside the eBay system which gives some protection from

EBay on Friday urged its users to be careful when trading.

"These criminals used the site to gather information and initially to
contact their victims but carried out the fraud separately beyond the
protected environment we provide," said in a statement.

"Always be wary of direct contact from sellers offering to sell 'off
eBay' and of anyone asking for payments through money transfers."

Through a variety of aliases and using a number of forged Belgian
passports, the Romanians made hundreds of collections from Western
Union money transfer outlets in London.

They kept about 30 percent of the money they stole, the rest they
passed onto crime bosses in Romania and the authorities are concerned
the scam continues to be perpetuated by others.

British police believe the actual fraud committed by the Romanians and
their accomplices was far greater than the 300,000 pounds detailed in

Copyright 2005 Reuters Limited.

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From: Michael Kunzelman <> 
Subject: MIT Fires Professor Over Falsified Data
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 16:29:52 -0500

By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press Writer

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has fired a biology
professor for allegedly fabricating research data.

Luk Van Parijs, an associate professor in MIT's Center for Cancer
Research, was placed on leave after a group of colleagues reported the
allegations of "research misconduct" to MIT administrators in August

He was fired Wednesday, according to MIT spokeswoman Denise Brehm.

The school says Van Parijs, 35, admitted to fabricating and falsifying
data in a paper, several manuscripts and grant applications.

An MIT investigation found no evidence that his co-authors or other
members of his research group were involved in the alleged misconduct,
said Alice Gast, the school's associate provost and vice president for

"Integrity in research and scholarship is a bedrock principle of MIT,"
Gast said in a statement. "Research misconduct violates this principle
and MIT takes any allegations of research misconduct very seriously."

Van Parijs did not immediately return a telephone message left at a
residential listing.

In an e-mail to The Boston Globe Thursday night from his MIT account,
Van Parijs said, "I was shocked at the timing and manner in which MIT
made the announcement since I had cooperated with the investigation to
the fullest of my capabilities."

Gast wouldn't identify the work that contained the allegedly
fabricated data. But in May, the journal "Current Opinion in Molecular
Therapeutics" published a correction of an 2004 article of which Van
Parijs was the lead author, the Globe reported.

The correction said the article's authors were unable to document a claim
that researchers had found a way to use a virus to both make the blood of a
mouse cancerous and block the actions of specific genes to see how that
would affect the cancer. Such a finding would advance cancer research by
making it easier to study blood cancers in mice.

Among Van Parijs' other work was a 2003 study published in the journal
Nature Genetics that explained how to use RNA interference to turn
genes off in cells, a potential step toward silencing genes involved
in disease.

Brehm said Van Parijs was conducting "basic scientific research" on
the defects in immune cells during disease development.

"This area of research at MIT is still strong and healthy," Brehm
added.  "Researchers here continue to make legitimate and important
advances in this area."

Because Van Parijs received federal funding for some of his work, MIT
said it consulted with the Office of Research Integrity, part of the
U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services, as the school
investigated the allegations.

MIT plans to give the Office of Research Integrity a report on its
investigation in about a month, but those findings will not not be
made public until federal officials complete their own investigation,
according to Brehm.

"The investigatory process is very confidential and is not yet
complete," she added.

Van Parijs, who earned a doctorate in immunology from Harvard in 1997,
was a postdoctural student at the California Institute of Technology
from 1998 to 2000. He worked with Cal Tech President David Baltimore
"on problems in immunology," said school spokeswoman Jill Perry.

Perry said Cal Tech has launched its own investigation into the work
Van Parijs performed there before he left for MIT, including work that
was published in the journal Immunity.

Van Parijs' profile on Community of Science, an online database of
information about scientists, describes his area of expertise as
"regulation of cell proliferation and death in the function and
diseases of the immune system."

His work has been published in several magazines and journals,
including Science, according to his online profile. A spokeswoman for
Science said the magazine was not aware of MIT's investigation.

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press.

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Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 12:39:11 EDT
From: USTelecom dailyLead <>
Subject: Justice Department Approves Telecom Mergers

USTelecom dailyLead
October 28, 2005

* Justice Department approves telecom mergers
* Report: Sprint Nextel to launch music service on Monday
* Level 3, Cogent make nice
* Local franchise deals a long, slow process for Verizon
* Cox CEO fans telco-cable flames
* Tekelec, Nextel Partners report earnings
* USTelecom Member Special - 25% off TMW Dallas registration
* Analysis: What went wrong with the MP3 phone and how to fix it
* Motorola, Intel work together on 802.16e
* Report: VoIP market to grow 18-fold by 2009
* VoIPSA releases security taxonomy
* Columnist: PC-to-PC calling has a ways to go
* Courts rule FBI needs "probable cause" to track mobile phones
* Congressional report criticizes E-Rate

Follow the link below to read quick summaries of these stories and others.


Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 10:52:47 -0700
Subject: Telecom Update #503, October 28, 2005
From: Angus TeleManagement Group <>
Reply-To: Angus TeleManagement Group <>

published weekly by Angus TeleManagement Group

Number 503: October 28, 2005

Publication of Telecom Update is made possible by generous 
financial support from: 



** Amended Do-Not-Call Bill Goes to the Senate 
** Telus to Hire 800? 
** Rogers Buys Nortel Brampton HQ
** Bell Nordiq Eyes Thunder Bay Telco 
** Bell Digital Voice Offered in Montreal 
** AT&T Name to Survive 
** U.S. Courts Decline to Stay RIM Proceedings 
** FCI Offers Fax-to-Email 
** Stephenson Named to CIPA Hall of Fame 
** Sierra Names New CEO 
** Rogers Sales Up 43%
** Internet, Wireless Boost Aliant Sales 
** Shaw Profit Doubles 
** Cogeco Cable Sales, Profits Rise 
** Avaya Profits Soar 


bill to create a mandatory "do not call" registry for telemarketers is
moving to the Senate for final review. The bill has been extensively
amended since it was tabled last fall: it now exempts politicians,
polling companies, newspapers, charities, and businesses calling
customers within 18 months of a previous transaction or six months
after an inquiry. (See Telecom Update #462, 478, 479)

TELUS TO HIRE 800? The Vancouver Sun reports that Telus Corporation
plans to hire 350 new technical employees in 2006 and 450 more by
2008, to support Telus's planned moves into IP telephone service and
IP television.

ROGERS BUYS NORTEL BRAMPTON HQ: Rogers Communications is paying $100
million for Nortel Networks' headquarters in Brampton, Ontario, which
contains one million square feet on 63 acres of land. Nortel plans to
lease space in the Brampton facility for now and then move to a new
corporate HQ in the Toronto area.

BELL NORDIQ EYES THUNDER BAY TELCO: Bell Nordiq Group has agreed with
TBayTel (Thunder Bay Telephone) to begin a 45-day period of
discussions and due diligence "regarding the terms of a possible

service that converts an existing standard phone line to VoIP using
facilities in the Bell switching centre, is now available in Montreal.
Local service, including voice mail and other features, is
$35/month. Bell charges $40 for the same service in Toronto. (See
Telecom Update #496)

** Quebecor Media, on behalf of its subsidiary Videotron, has 
   complained to the CRTC that by offering Digital Voice only 
   in Montreal, Bell is engaged in "illegal geographic 
   targeting." Quebecor wants the CRTC to order Bell to make 
   DV available throughout its operating territory.

AT&T NAME TO SURVIVE: SBC Communications says it will change its name
to AT&T when its acquisition of the long distance carrier is completed
later this year. SBC began life as Southwestern Bell, which split off
from AT&T in 1984. It subsequently acquired two other Baby Bells,
Ameritech and Pacific Bell.

Court and a federal appeals court have denied Research In Motion's
motion that proceedings in RIM's patent dispute with NTP Ltd. be
stayed until the Supreme Court decides whether to hear RIM's
appeal. (See Telecom Update #501)

FCI OFFERS FAX-TO-EMAIL: FCI Broadband, which provides voice and
Internet service in Greater Toronto, now offers a fax-to-email service
for $12.95/month.

STEPHENSON NAMED TO CIPA HALL OF FAME: Carol Stephenson, former head
of Stentor Resource Centre and Lucent Technologies Canada, will be
inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Canadian Information
Productivity Awards on November 1. Stephenson, now dean of the Richard
Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, will be
honoured as "a champion of innovation who helped build a competitive
telecommunications industry in Canada." She is the first woman in the
CIPA Hall of Fame.

SIERRA NAMES NEW CEO: Sierra Wireless COO James Cohenour has been
named President and CEO, replacing David Sutcliffe.

ROGERS SALES UP 43%: Rogers Communications reports third-quarter sales
of $2.047 billion, 42.8% higher than the same period last year. Net
income rose 1.7% to $48.9 million. Rogers added 194,900 wireless and
167,870 cable subscribers, and signed 18,100 customers for its new
cable phone service.

INTERNET, WIRELESS BOOST ALIANT SALES: Aliant reports 3Q revenue of $520
million, 4.2% higher than the same period last year. Net income: $51
million. Wireless sales increased by 13.5%; Internet sales by 10.9%.

SHAW PROFIT DOUBLES: Shaw Communications reports service revenue of
$563 million for the three months ended August 31, 5.9% higher than
the same period last year. Net income of $66.4 million was up
130%. Shaw added 34,113 phone service customers, for a total of

COGECO CABLE SALES, PROFITS RISE: Cogeco Cable reports revenue of $140
million for the three months ended August 31, 5.4% higher than the
same period last year. Net income of $11.0 million was up 71%. Cogeco
added 9.887 "revenue generating units"; at the end of the quarter its
cable phone service had 2,500 customers.

AVAYA PROFITS SOAR: Avaya reports revenue of US$1.296 billion for the
third quarter, 20% higher than the same period last year. Net income
was $660 million, compared to $100 million last year. Acquisitions
accounted for most of the sales increase.



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Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 14:42:52 -0300
From: Dave Hunter <>
Subject: Re: British Strowger SxS?

Hi All:

Just a quick note designed to head off any flames, etc. about my looking
for extinct technology:-)

Yes, I know SxS is dead -- I guess that is what a museum is all about
-- to show the marvels of things past. And I do know that it will be
very difficult to find technology which hasn't been used in 20 years.

But what better place to look -- amongst professionals in the
telecommunications industried. Perhaps one of you might have seen
Strowger equipment in storage through the years, and might be able to
provide a lead as to where I might be able to find a PAX. PABX, or
even parts to build a demo switch for the museum.

To one and all who take the time to read my message, I thank you for
both me, and for the museum ...


The Telephone on Prince Edward Island:

The Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island:

Dave Hunter wrote:

> Hi Pholks:

> I am looking for either parts to build an SxS demo switch, or for a
> small GEC or other British Strowger PAX for the Telephone Museum of
> Prince Edward Island.



Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 13:18:32 -0400
From: Ron Chapman <>
Subject: Re: NJ Students Ordered to Take Down Blogs

In article <>, Steve Sobol
<> wrote:

>> Thompson said parents of students who enroll in the schools sign
>> contracts governing student behavior, including responsible Internet
>> use.

> Which, I'm sure, doesn't apply at home - such agreements usually apply
> to Internet use AT THE SCHOOL. I'd like to see one such agreement from
> this school.

This is no different, really, than code of conduct rules imposed upon
school football players and the like.


Subject: Re: Alger Hiss [was: Re: Privacy Worries? Don't Print in color]
Date: 28 Oct 2005 12:23:40 -0700

Henry wrote:

> <> wrote:

>> A single person from Syracuse NY, who owned some grocery stores,
>> somehow managed to terrify the film/radio/TV business into firing
>> fingered communists.

> Oops, you've lost me now. Who's this, then?

Basically that's it.  He was a food market owner and he announced he
would not carry products made by advertisers who supported communists
on TV and radio.  The advertisers (who owned the shows in those days)
demanded that the broadcast networks fire the communists or fired them
themselves.  This became the "Hollywood blacklist".  Someone wrote a
book at the time "Red Channels" making further accusations.

My question is _how_ one person could intimidate big national consumer
product companies and networks into fear.  So even if this guy goes
through with this threat, he's only one grocer in a small city.  There
are other grocers in that town and of course other cities.  I don't
understand how this one single guy had so much influence.

I mean, today lots of special interest groups pressure advertisers to
do this or not do that on the threat of a consumer boycott.  Even
though these groups are pretty well organized their threats are

One time, out of fear, The WB TV network pulled off a show.  The
actors who worked for The WB were outraged and were ready to boycott.
Actually, under the specific circumstances at that particular time,
postponing the air date was not a bad idea.


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